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Application for Admission

----Application for Admission


Application for Admission

----Application for Admission



Application Form (download)

Shanghai Xing Wei College Foreign Exchange Student Application Procedure

  1. Applicant should download and fill out Shanghai Xing Wei College Foreign Exchange Student Application Form.

  2. Applicant should mail all required materials as outlined on Admissions website to Admission Committee’s email. Express mailing fees will not be covered by the school.

    (Materials: Shanghai Xing Wei College Foreign Exchange Student Application Form, Resume/CV, one recommendation letter, HSK exam certificate, photocopy of secondary school education diploma, photocopy of secondary school transcript)

    *Note: Non-degree student does not need to take HSK exam

  3. Admissions Committee (AC) will review the submitted application materials, and the student will be notified of the result within five working days via email.

  4. After the student has passed the initial review stage, Admissions Committee (AC) will arrange an interview for the student and inform the student of what he or she should expect in the interview.

  5. Applicant should arrive at the interview on time, so that the interview could start promptly.

  6. Admissions Committee will review the student’s information and interview. Within five working days, the interview result will be released and communicated to the student via email. Admissions Committee will do a final confirmation with the student as to his or her decision.

  7. Admissions Committee will send the official offer letter and student account number to the accepted applicant. Admissions Committee will also inform the Human Resources Committee about the accepted student and the HR committee will help the student with visa application.

  8. The dormitory fee should be clearly stated on the offer letter. After Admissions Committee and Financial Committee inform the Logistic Committee that the room fees have been received, LC (Logistic Committee) will begin to arrange the dorm for the student.

  9. After the student receives the offer letter, he or she should pay the tuition and the 500 yuan application fee to the school within five working days.

  10.  Human resources committee will notify the students of a list of required materials, and once the materials have been processed, the visa application will be submitted. Once the Shanghai Education Committee and Foreign Affairs Office have approved the materials, the Jw202 form will be mailed to the student (The whole process will take approximately 45 days).

    *Required Materials: photocopy of passport, financial guarantee form, eight ID photos (one-inch), photocopy of health check approval, guardian’s guarantee form for students under 18, photocopy of offer letter and foreign exchange student application form.

  11.  The applicant has been officially accepted. Admissions Committee will notify the student of the registration date and time and other relevant information. AC (Admissions Committee) will also notify the LC (Logistics Committee) to start preparing the dorm room for the student.

  12. The student should bring the offer letter and Jw202 form to the Chinese embassy/consulate to begin the student visa application process (X visa). 

  13. The student should arrive at the college on the stated registration day and visit the police office for a record archive. The student should also turn in the original Jw202 form, original health check form, passport to foreign affairs office.


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