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Entrepreneurship is bigger than business. It’s about more than making money. It’s about calculating risk and seeing ideas through to reality. Because entrepreneurs have a global perspective and understand the social, economic, and historical contexts in which visions become reality, the Entrepreneurship concentration builds an innovative, two-year practicum upon a broad foundation of the liberal arts.

The Xingwei College approach to entrepreneurship education is like nothing else in Asia.

After completing the general education requirements in their first two years, students interested in the Entrepreneurship Concentration will apply for membership in an entrepreneurial team made up of other students and guided by a faculty coach. The team’s first assignment: incorporate as an actual business.

Over the course of the subsequent two years, the team will plan projects, develop a customer base, and generate real income. But the goal isn’t just making money: it’s learning — from successes and failures — in a real-world context with real stakes.

Graduates in the Entrepreneurship concentration will leave Xing Wei College prepared to adapt — and to thrive — in a rapidly-changing world. In addition to preparing students to start their own organizations and businesses, this concentration is designed to lead to careers in business and social fields, such as:

NGO development
Marketing and Advertising
Consulting (private, public, and NGO)

Students wishing to pursue further studies will be prepared to enter the best MBA programs, as well as other areas of graduate education, such as economics, law, and public policy.

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