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Xingwei College doesn’t offer majors. In order to prepare for a variety of careers in a rapidly-changing world, Xingwei students instead choose a ‘concentration’, a flexible combination of multidisciplinary courses and practical experience organized around a set of real-world knowledge and skills.

During their fourth semester, students will be expected to apply for admission into one of the following concentrations: 

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Leadership

  • Creativity

  • Innovation and Invention

  • Individualized Concentration 

    Upper-level coursework will be completed in the student’s final two years at Xingwei College. During their final semester, students may choose to study abroad, complete an internship, or conduct a senior thesis project related to their concentrations.

    Below, you can read about the five concentrations and see the upper-level course options for each. From among these options, students may choose any 10 courses to satisfy the 30-hour concentration course requirement.

    Entrepreneurship (more details)

    Provides students with the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind that will enable them to develop the businesses and organizations that solve the problems and meet the demands of the coming century. By working in a real, team-oriented entrepreneurial environment, students learn about marketing, sales, teamwork, finance, and communication.

    The Entrepreneurship Concentration is practicum-based. While they may choose to enroll in elective courses, students accepted into the Concentration are assigned to teams that work over the course of the following two years to create and sustain real business projects.

    Leadership (more details)
    Draws on a wide range of disciplines in sociology, economics, communication, and humanities and combines these with traditional coursework in management to shape the students who will lead the industries, schools and universities, and small businesses of the 21st century.

    BUSI 301 Leading For-Profit and Non-Profit Institutions
    BUSI 420 Three Hundred and Sixty Degree Leadership
    COMM 301 Mass Communication in Modern Society
    COMM 310 Business Communication
    COMM 401 Intercultural Communication
    ECON/PSYC 350 Game Theory
    ENGL 390 The Portrayal of Leaders in Film
    HIST 330 Empire Builders
    HIST 340 Leadership in China: Ancient to Modern
    HIST 401 Catastrophes: When Leadership Fails
    MANA 320 Labor-Management Relations
    MANA 330 Principles of Management: A Case-Study Approach
    MANA 360 Negotiation (cross-listed w/ Entrepreneurship)
    MANA 401 Building and Managing Creative Teams
    MARK 320 Principles of Marketing: A Case-Study Approach
    PHIL 310 Business Ethics
    POLI/HIST 310 International Diplomacy
    PSYC 310 Industrial/Organizational Psychology
    PSYC 330 Social Psychology
    PSYC 340 The Psychology of Moral Development
    PSYC/SOCI 370 Cults and Cult-Like Cultures
    PSYC 410 Persuasion and Propaganda
    PSYC 420 Identity and Diversity
    SOCI 350 Gender and Leadership
    SOCI 401 Global Inequalities and Social Justice

    Creativity (more details)
    Prepares students for their particular career, but also cultivates appropriate skills and attitudes to respond creatively and confidently to new and unexpected challenges that will confront them throughout their lives.

    ANTH 310 Myth, Ritual, and Belief
    ANTH 410 Archaeological Hoaxes
    ARTS 310 Artistic Expression and Citizenship
    ARTS 320 Creativity in the Visual and Performing Arts
    ARTS 410 Art and Persuasion
    ARTS 420 Museum Studies: A Chinese Perspective
    BIOL/ENGL 401 Anthropomorphism
    BUSI 410 Intellectual Property: China, the U.S., and the World
    ENGL 301 Creative Writing Workshop
    ENGL 350 The Novels of Mo Yan in Translation
    ENGL 360 The Classical Hollywood Narrative
    ENGL 370 Documentaries
    ENGL/HIST 401 Biographies and Autobiographies
    ENGL 420 Literary Texts and Social Change
    ENGL 430 Performing Gender: Femininity and Masculinity
    ENVI/SOCI 320 The Physical Basis and Social Construction of Environmentalism
    HIST 350 Historiography
    HIST/MUSI 390 The Evolution of Music
    HIST 410 Language and Technology: From the Origins of Speaking and Writing to the Internet
    MANA 401 Building and Managing Creative Teams
    MATH 410 Mathematical Dimensions of the Visual and Performing Arts
    PHIL 330 Advanced Aesthetics
    PSYC 320 The Psychology of Risk
    PSYC/ENGL 440 Psychological Disorders and Artistic Expression
    SOCI 450 Constructions of Modernity in China

    Innovation & Invention (more details)

    The Innovation and Invention concentration challenges students to understand the natural world and the technological developments that have come to strengthen (and sometimes complicate) the place of humanity within that world; special attention is given to ingenious solutions to contemporary problems.

    BIOL 301 Cloning, Genetic Engineering, and Other Innovations in Biotechnology
    BIOL 310 Two Traditions: Pharmacology and Traditional Chinese Medicine
    BIOL 410 Biomimicry: Technological Innovation Based on Nature
    BUSI 310 From Invention to Application
    BUSI 320 Cradle to Cradle: Reinventing the Production Process
    BUSI 410 Intellectual Property: China, the U.S., and the World
    CHEM 310 Innovative Applications of Chemistry
    COMP/PSYC 390 Artificial Intelligence
    COMP 410 How Computers and Networks Changed the World
    ECON/PSYC 350 Game Theory
    ENVI/SOCI 310 Sustainable Development and Communities
    ENVI 330 Projects in Renewable Energy
    ENVI 401 Innovative Ecology: Aquaponics, Living Machines, and Permaculture
    HIST 310 Big History: the Universe from The Big Bang to Today
    HIST 320 History of Invention in China
    HIST 410 Language and Technology: From the Origins of Speaking and Writing to the Internet
    MATH/PHYS 310 Revolutionary Thinking in Physics and Mathematics
    PHIL 401 Philosophy and the Future
    PHYS 320 Innovative Applications of Physics
    PHYS 330 Space Exploration
    PSYC/COMP 380 Cognitive Science
    SOCI 380 Science, Technology, and Society

    Individualized Concentration

    Like both the Creativity and Entrepreneurship concentrations? Want to combine upper-level coursework in Psychology with upper-level classes in Political Science? The Individualized Studies concentration is for the student who wishes to pursue a course of study of his or her own design. Working closely with their advisors, students choosing the Individualized Studies concentration will map out a unique combination of course offerings and study-abroad options during their final four semesters.


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