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andy_lin  Andy Lin

Once worked as State Street Global Advisor.
Having served successively as Office Assistant Director of Shanghai Stock Exchange, Assistant Director of Listing Department.
Managing Director of China Universal Asset Management Co.(Ltd.)

Founded in February 2005, China Universal Asset Management Co., Ltd. (China Universal) is one of the fastest-growing, well-respected asset managers in China. By the end of 2009, there are 9 mutual funds under China Universal’s Management, and the total AUM is USD 9.01 billion. Its shareholders include Orient Securities Co., Ltd., Wenhui-Xinmin United Press Group and China Eastern Airline Group, each a leader in their respective industry. In January 2008, the company won the “2007 China Fund Winner Award” as the best Chinese fund management company in corporate governance.

baiyi_qin  Baiyi Qin

Major General of PLAAcademician of the CAE(Chinese Academy of Engineering)
Former President of Academy of Military Medical Sciences

Academy of Military Medical Sciences, founded in 1951, is the top medical research institute of PLA, has 4 academicians of CAS(Chinese Academy of Sciences)and 5 academicians of CAE.

bingqi_xiong  Bingqi Xiong

Famous education commentator
Editor of Shanghai Jiao Tong UniversityVice president of 21st Education and Research Institute

Chih Cheung

Chairman of RSI Apparel (China) Ltd.

World’s leading functional sports-apparel maker, RSI Apparel (China) Ltd manufactures sportswear for worldwide brands such as Nike, Adidas and Decathlon, etc.

don_st_pierre_jr  Don St. Pierre, Jr.

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of ASC

ASC Fine Wines, a specialist in purveying some of the finest wines of the world. It represents over 1,200 wines from 14 countries, is able to offer a comprehensive selection of premium fine wines.
Acclaimed as “China’s greatest fine wine importer” by Robert M. Parker, Jr. – one of the most renowned wine critics, ASC Fine Wines has been able to consolidate its position as the finest wine importing business in China over the past fifteen years.

feng_xiao  Feng Xiao

Oil painter
Vice president of Chinese Arts Association
Vice president of China Oil Painting Institute
Former President of China Academy of Art

China Academy of Art, the first public comprehensive arts institution, has the most complete discipline system and is the first institution to introduce design curriculum in China.

guisheng_yang  Guisheng Yang

Professor & Ph.D. Supervisor of Institute for Chemistry of CAS
Acknowledged by authoritative media as one hundred youth who might affect China in the 21st Century.
Chairman of Shanghai Genius Advanced Material Group Co. Ltd. Built in 1992, Shanghai Genius Advanced Material Group Co. Ltd has been working on research and development in Advanced Molecular material like Engineering Plastics. The company was awarded as Top 500 China’s Private Enterprises and One of 200 most Potential Enterprises In China.

Jack Lin

Chairman of Shanghai Wisdom Global Logistics Co. Ltd
Shanghai Wisdom Global Logistics Co. Ltd, a modern logistics enterprise and international forwarding agent, operates in logistics planning and consulting, integrated logistics managing, sea and air freight forwarding and inventory management, etc.

James Wei

Chairman of Shanghai Techimport International LLC Techimport is specialized in energy saving and recycling business.

jia_lv  Jia Lv

Music Director & Conductor

The first Asian to be principal conductor and music director of Opera in Italy
Opera director &Principal Conductor of Orchestra of National Grand Theater

jiaxun_xie  Jiaxun Xie

Taiwan Golden Bells hostess
Former on-location hostess of Zhengda Variety Show
Senior international etiquette trainer

Founder of Super Camp (China) Super Camp (China), combining American advanced camping education and Chinese good traditional culture, provides the courses that enable Chinese learners to find themselves as individuals, gain enjoyment and confidence.

John Zwaanstra

Founder & Chief Investment Office of Penta Investment Advisers Penta Investment Advisers is a hedge fund manager.

kevin_lin  Kevin Lin

Taiwan ultramarathon athlete
Championship of Four Deserts Ultra-Marathon (2006)
First human team in the world to run across Sahara Desert

Ming Mei

CEO of Global Logistics Properties Ltd (GLP)
Chairman of Eastern Bell Venture Capital (EBVC)

GLP is the world’s largest provider of modern logistics facilities and real estate developer.
EVVC is an RMB equity investment funds which mainly operates in logistics & supply chain, energy conservation and consuming services.

paul_wang  Paul Wang

Member of New Education Foundation Council

Chairman of Shanghai Hui Jie Investment Management Company Shanghai Hui Jie Investment Management Company was established in 2008. The main business covers industrial and mineral investment. Mr. Wang was one of the top five individual owners of public company stock in 2000.

renny_lin  Renny Lin

President of Ironman Taiwan
Honorary director of Taiwan Endurance Sports Association

Chairman of Sinox Company Ltd Sinox Company Ltd is the largest international brand commercial lock manufacturer in China.

Roger Lee

Founder & Chief consultant of CID/CSR Community International Corp
Former president of Sony Music (Taiwan)

Founded in January 2006, CSR Community International Limited (CCIL) is the pioneer professional CSR consulting company in Taiwan. Adopting CSR as its core business domain, CCIL aims to help enterprises respond to new trends, discover new development strategy and explore profit potentials.

scott_chiu  Scott Chiu

Chairman of HCG Group

HCG is a multinational company that provides quality bathroom fixtures. Founded by Hocheng Chiu in Taiwan in 1931, HCG has always been the leader in the sanitary fixture industry. HCG has ascended to Top 10 Global Sanitary Fixture Group list.

shaolian_chen  Shaolian Chen

Huangpu Military Academy graduate

Founder of Relaxation Qigong Relaxation Qigong is indeed an excellent exercise which allows every joint and muscle of the body to move.

shaoliang_yuan  Shaoliang Yuan

Once under guidance of Shizhao Zhang
Honorary Researcher of Hong Kong Baptist University
Chairman of Tai Chi Xingjian Organization
Collector of ancient art of traditional Chinese culture

Stephen Wong

Managing Director of Edward Wong Development Co. Ltd.

Edward Wong Development Co. Ltd, a real estate developer, invested and developed landmark building projects, such as Shanghai Xintiandi, Sinan mansion and Daning Shopping Mall, etc.

terry_cai  Terry Cai

Architect of Tongji University Architectural Design Institute
Member of Academy of Management in Queensland, Australia (1999)
Partner/Managing Director of ANS International Design&Consulting PTY. Ltd.

ANS, a multi-disciplinary international design company originally founded in Australia and established its first Chinese studio in Shanghai in 1997, offers expertise services in the fields of Urban Planning, Architectural design and Interior design, as well as pre-project consultations during the early stages of a project.

Vincent Zhou

Independent Creator / entrepreneur

After graduating from Harvard Design School Vincent taught “how to put creativity into your daily life” at Cornell. He later became a serial entrepreneur founding several companies like Agenda Corporation, China Game Partner, IGO home shopping, and Aibee online.

william_johnson  William Johnson

Managing Director of Kone Elevator Co.( China)

KONE, one of the global leaders in the elevator and escalator industry, was founded in 1910 in Finland. It offers the best people flow experience and provides industry-leading elevators, escalators and innovative solutions for modernization and maintenance. In 2011, KONE had annual net sales of EUR 5.2 billion and on average 35,000 employees.

xingneng_li  Xingneng Li

Sixth Generation MD of Traditional Chinese Medicine (T.C.M) family
Professor & Ph. D. Supervisor of Shanghai University of T.C.M.

First prize of scientific and technological achievement in State Administrative Bureau of T.C.M Shanghai University of T.C.M, established in 1956, is one of the first four universities of T.C.M. after the founding of P.R.China.

yiqing_mao  Yiqing Mao

Flying enthusiast.
Top world specialist in Model Airplane manufacturer

Founder&Executive General Manager of Aokesai Aircraft Corporation Ltd. Aokesai Aircraft Corporation Ltd is committed to produce racing model airplane, and is the first private aircraft manufacturer in China.

zhenyu_cai  Zhenyu Cai

Chief architect of East China Architectural Design & Research Institute
Senior architect of Shanghai Modern Architectural Design (Group) Co. Ltd
Top ten master architects in China 1994

Shanghai Modern Architectural Design (Group) Co. Ltd has been ranked among the top five architectural and engineering design firms and ranked by U.S magazine, Engineering News Records, as one of “The Top 200 International Design Firms” and one of “The Top 150 Global Design Firms” since 2001.

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