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Degree Program

--Degree Program


Degree Program

--Degree Program

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

Our four-year degree program is comprised of 120 credit hours and includes both general education courses, which are usually taken during the first two years, and upper-level courses or practice in an area of specialized concentration.  Study abroad is encouraged.

Our professors recommend that each student take a broad range of courses to widen his or her perspective, but the final decision about which courses to take is up to each student:

General Education recommendations: 60 hours
Communication 9 hours
Quantitative reasoning 6 hours
Life and physical sciences 6-8 hours
Cultural studies 6 hours
Ethics and human values 6 hours
Principles of business 3 hours
Chinese political thought 7 hours
College success 1 hour
Study abroad/internship/independent study/electives 14-16 hours

Concentrations and elective courses: 60 credit hours

Our students create their own educational paths. Each person can choose to concentrate their learning on skills that matter. We have outlined possible concentrations, such as:


Students can also work with a mentor to create their own Individualized Concentration.

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