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--Faculty of XWC



--Faculty of XWC

Dr. Guanglan Jin — English

Ph.D. English, University of Rhode Island
M.A. English, Northwest Normal University

Dr. Jin has taught a wide range of literature and writing courses, including British Literature, Chinese Literature in Translation, World Literature, The Short Story, and College Composition at both Chinese and American universities.  She believes that teaching is not merely a job but a vocation to be pursued with passion.

Dr. David Stafford — Psychology

Ph.D. Psychology from University of Florida
M.S. Psychology from University of Florida

Dr. Stafford teaches courses and guides students in independent research projects in psychology, pharmacology, neuroscience, communication, economics, anthropology, and big history.  His specific intellectual interests include: learning and memory, addiction and other mental illnesses, the evolution of spoken, written, and electronic language / communication, the production and enjoyment of music, and the role of religion in culture.  He also serves as the Associate Provost of Xing Wei College, though the College has no actual Provost.

Dr. John Wilkinson — Biology & Environmental Science

Ph.D. Humanities, California Institute of Integrated Studies
M.A., University of San Francisco

Dr. Wilkinson teaches biology and environmental science. His research interests include promoting environmental sustainability in educational institutions, cross-cultural perspectives on the environment, and the impact of climate change on wetlands ecology.

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