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Academic Focus

--Academic Focus of XWC


Academic Focus

--Academic Focus of XWC


Xingwei College is about growth of the students – academically, socially, and emotionally – into creative, responsible leaders.  We offer a high-quality academic environment with small, seminar-style courses and one-on-one interaction with professors.  With the help of these mentors, every student creates and modifies his or her own educational path.  As a part of our overall growth, students elect our own leaders, chair college committees, and lead the effort to create the first private, non-profit, liberal-arts college officially recognized by the government of China.  


Degree Program


Our four-year degree program is comprised of 120 credit hours and includes both general education courses, which are usually taken during the first two years, and upper-level courses or practice in an area of specialized concentration.  Study abroad is encouraged.


Our professors recommend that each student take a broad range of courses to widen his or her perspective, but the final decision about which courses to take is up to each student.  All Xing Wei courses are created by students in the curriculum development committee: 


Concentrations and elective courses: 60 credit hours


We, as students create our own educational paths.  We can choose to concentrate learning on skills that matter in the real world.  We have outlined possible concentrations, such as:  

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Leadership

  • Creativity

  • Innovation and Invention  

Students can also work with a mentor to create their own Individualized Concentration.  The entrepreneurship concentration is based on the Team Academy concepts developed by Johannes Partanen.

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