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Cultural Exchange

--Cultural Exchange


Cultural Exchange

--Cultural Exchange

Halloween festival and friendship

                           Halloween festival and friendship

                                    Lake under the sun


                The Fast and the Furious 13


                           Basketball competition and champion


Thanks Giving Day party and roast chicken.

This is the food in Thanks Giving Day! We like chicken and pork. That day was so cold so the food let us warm and happy. We should thank for cooks and the guys who prepared for the party.


                                  Big Xingwei family and reunion


                        First day and first activity in Xingwei

In Xing Wei ,in the first week, not only felt the teacher the students to 

welcome here, there are a lot of guidance, to never to adapt to, here contains a lot of students in senior and all new efforts.Here is this week's activities and class of records:

In the new exchange, everyone have some knowledge of each other, innovative teaching ideas but also look forward to unceasingly, for school students here from all over the country, all happy about XinWei environment, in this school, the students are looking forward to a new start, studying here, and harvest here.



                                  Barbecue party


                                                           Welcome party and friends

This is after the welcome party, a lot of emotion is still high students gathered together in the dormitory room chat play games, meet everybody gradually familiar with each other through communication, enhance our friendship.

Everyone in the room to communicate with the school's expectations, also very happy with the existence of the activity room at the same time, in his spare time, everyone has a new place, students can play games in the activity room, conversation, and so on, everyone enjoy the enjoyment of the school environment, at the same time also is very satisfied with the accommodation feel, very look forward to learning in XingWei.



Forever friends

This is the photo took at the film class. Although now Hue and Lucy is not in Xingwei, but Room203 is always here.

Would you like to join XWC family?