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Feeling XWC

----Feeling XWC


Feeling XWC

----Feeling XWC

TT(HR): Welcome to XWCThis is a free, passionate college and for most students, it is also a stage to express and show themselves. You may experience an extremely different college life here. This college is run by students, so we really like the students who have passion, ambitions, spirits of exploring new things, interesting ideas and the ability of self-control. We will also improve your ability of leading and doing well in a team.


Coming into the XWC without a lot of knowledge of why I was here and what I was supposed to be doing in this new education system. I mean XWC just spoke to how like using language can be a source of empowerment. Now, the English language can do even as an image so for me it resonated a lot with my life story coming from like an ESL background.


There are so many things I can do in XWC. We can learn a lot from activities especially. Our activities demonstrating leadership awards and honors community service and employment these things are going to give us a bigger perspective of who you are.


I would like to picture myself at XWC with the understanding that XWC is an engine of social mobility. We are building a community of leaders that we hope that will go out and hold up the XWC tradition and the XWC legacy of being agents of social change.


I am excited about just community and the meeting of the new people up from XWC. Now, I am the chair of the Finance Aid Committee, I need to learn a lot of knowledge to manage school expenses. It is amazing how often I see students filing a financial statement.


Welcome to the data world. Here, we have the library with massive books. Here, you have the internet to browse the information. I aim to enlarge the store and create more possibilities.


I just think getting comfortable and finally getting into everything I have not really what is a simple I will be honest but I am pretty excited about just getting comfortable and like knowing where I am because it is so hard to find this place.

Sky(SAC): In XWC, you can learn how the whole school works, how to self-control and experience different activities. At the same time, you will also change yourself, you will have a strong expressive ability, and be hopeful for new things.

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