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Welcome to XWC

--Welcome to XWC


Welcome to XWC

--Welcome to XWC

Dear all,

Welcome to Xingwei College. This is a free, passionate college and for most students, it’s also a stage to express and show themselves. You may experience a extremely different college life here. This college is run by students, so we really like the students who have passion, ambitions, spirits of exploring new things, interesting ideas and the ability of self-control. We will also improve your ability of leading and doing well in a team.

I’m happy to introduce the Admission Committee to you. We are in charge of advertising the college and the audition of new students. Working for it, you will learn much on how to communicate well with strangers especially under-graduated students and their parents. Your ability of how to deal with emergency will be improved as well. There is much fun during the AC work.

I’m looking forward to your outstanding performance of working with peers and running the college. Wish you a wonderful college life.




-The Chair-Woman of Admissions Committee




Hi, I'm Christina and now I am the   representative of Human Resource part in XWC. All  the things I want to tell is you can get everything you want here, class you want to open, things you want to learn even teachers you want to follow. We do everything voluntarily and we believe that if there's no ready-made, we just create by ourselves! It is happy to have a try of everything, including having a different test in a most special college in a foreign country. I always believe the old saying "there are no stranger here only friends you haven't yet met." So, are you ready to come to meet me?


- Christina is Chair of the Human Resource Committee




Hi, I’m Eason, the leader of Finance and Financial Aid committee. This kind of job can help you learn more about how to deal with money in a proper way, which is extremely different from you keeping accounts in daily life. It is a good choice to come here. You will experience a lot which can not have in any other colleges.


- Eason is Chair of the Finance Committee




  Enjoy your liberal arts education.


  - Abraham is Chair of the IT and Library Committee




   Free college

-You can do everything you want as long as you don't break the laws. Developing your interests and taking advantage of them in clubs, halls and committees.

   Find yourself

-Finding your values and passion is your main job during 4 years' journey. Do find every pieces of you in daily life.

   Take care of yourself.

-Considering youself as an adult when you step in Xingwei college. You are supposed to take your own responsibility. It's free to express your thoughts. It's your responsibility to make things right as a member of Xingwei college.


Simly is Chair of the Logistics Committee



As a leader of SAC, I have learned a lot about how to organize activities and how to deal with  different kinds of problems. In Xing Wei you will feel like at home. Everyone in this college will be your brother. You will not regret your  decision if you choose Xing Wei. How to run a college is up to students. Would you like to be a leader? Would you want to know how to make a great decision. Join in us and you will know some amazing things


- Leo is the Chair of the Student Activities Committee


If you believe in and care enough about self realization and  construction, serving and improving the community you are in, and bringing moral, positive and sustainable changes to bigger societies, then you are very welcomed to join us here in Xing Wei College.


- The Chair of the Educational Administration and Curriculum Construction Committee


Would you like to join XWC family?