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Welcome to XWC

——The Chair of Admissions Committee

Welcome to Xingwei College. This is a free, passionate college and for most students, it's also a stage to express and show themselves. You may experience a extremely different college life here. This college is run by students,

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——The chair of the Human Resource Committee

Hi, I'm Christina and now I am the representative of Human Resource part in XWC. All the things I want to tell is you can get everything you want here, class you want to open, things you want to learn even teachers you want to follow.

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——The Chair of the Finance Committee

Hi, I'm Eason, the leader of Finance and Financial Aid committee. This kind of job can help you learn more about how to deal with money in a proper way, which is extremely different from you keeping accounts in daily life.

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A Sourdough Campus?

——Dr. Sean Chadwell,professor

I enjoy making bread – it’s a process that, like the well-rounded liberal arts education, engages both mind and body, the tactile and the contemplative. It requires dedication to both chemistry and aesthetics.

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——The Chair of the Logistics Committee

Free college -You can do everything you want as long as you don't break the laws. Developing your interests and taking advantage of them in clubs, halls and committees. Find yourself .

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Why Xing Wei College?

——Dr. David Stafford,professor

What reasons would a person like me have for joining a new institution on the other side of the Earth from my home? And why should students from China, from the United States, and from other countries leave their homes to become a part of it?

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——The Chair of the Student Activities Committee

As a leader of SAC, I have learned a lot about how to organize activities and how to deal with different kinds of problems. In Xing Wei you will feel like at home. Everyone in this college will be your brother.

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——The Chair of the IT and Library Committee

Enjoy your liberal arts education.

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